Zamzam: The wondrous well workbook


Learn key facts, information, and the story behind Islam’s most miraculous water well!

With dreamy illustrations to highlight this blessed water source, this free, fun workbook is packed with learning and engaging crafts to keep your child busy this Dhull Hijjah and Eid. The workbook is based on our bestselling picture storybook An Ocean in One Drop: the tale of Hajar in Hajj and follow on 60-page Activity Book.

We’ve made this Zamzam workbook freely accessible worldwide as part of our commitment towards ‘access to ilm’ and to help continue the storytelling fun so that this learning can last a lifetime – InshaAllah! We hope to make this an annual workbook and this year we are delighted to feature an exciting guest craft from @minaretmountain.books in our workbook.

Don’t forget to share your children’s creations with us via email or tag us online @wawstories , we want to see the end result!

Be sure to check out our free activities hub, which has other child-centric resources. There are NO PAYWALLS or annoying newsletter sign-ups required. Just one click and print.

The activities are easy to download and print (low on ink usage) and will keep your kids busy for a good few hours. This is particularly handy if you are preparing for Eid Al-Adha right now!

This workbook has been independently funded and produced by Waw Stories, we won’t take any money for this, but we would like duas please 🙂

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Mariam Hakim


Layla Aldubaisi and Nesba Yoosef







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17 July 2021




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