About Us

Waw Stories is an independent publisher of powerful tales from Muslim and Middle Eastern cultures. We are interested in profiling important stories, some that haven’t yet had the limelight they deserve and we do this through books, events and apps.

Our approach to storytelling is child-centric and family friendly and we began our journey in 2019 with the aim of telling stories from Muslim cultures in a positive, uplifting and multi-layered way.

We are a UK publisher, with a presence in London and Dubai. We like to work on stories that are worthwhile and it’s important for us to do this in a responsible way – because there’s always a bigger picture. We published our first book An Ocean in One Drop in August 2019 and we have lots more in store.

We are all about access, creativity, heritage, embracing new tech and of course reading for fun so if you want to connect and collaborate please do get in touch!